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What Makes A Great Manager?
Supervision tips and free resources.  Answers to supervision and management situations.

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Hire the Right Person

Hire the right person.  Del Still, author of High Impact Hiring provides the answers to a smart hire.  Use his exclusive 7 step process to hire right, sample forms and 175 sample questions to ask

How can I tell if a applicant is lying in the job interview?

There is a tried and true way to determine if an applicant is lying.   Ask the applicant to describe a work experience they have had that is related to a specific job related skill you are attempting to evaluate.  As the candidate responds, probe for detailed information.  Be sure to take notes as the candidate responds.  Then say, "Who can I talk to in order to verify the information you have just given me?"  Be sure to contact this person as part of your reference checking process.  More tips below.

Use our Mock Interviews for ideas.  The Interview Question Bank also provides sample questions.

Create interviews quickly and easily with questions matched to the key requirements for the job.  Choose from over 600 interview questions listed under 48 skills and abilities.  Also included are over 400 interview questions for 34 supervisory skills and abilities.  The 1,000+ interview questions include over 300 behavioral questions.  Use the Interviewer's Question Bank.  


  1. What's your opinion of having an applicant go through a timed writing/problem-solving exercise and asking questions based on the written product?

  2. How should I use a telephone interview?

  3. Would you recommend a structured interview?

  4. "In your book "High Impact Hiring" you recommend using a behavior based interview. Why?"

  5. How should I start the interview? Should I ask a question to help the person relax?


  1. How many questions should I ask in an interview?

  2. How would I create questions to evaluate interpersonal skills?

  3. I was just hired as a supervisor and will be interviewing soon.  How can I come up with the right questions to ask?

  4. What type of questions will tell me if a person is detail-oriented?

  5. What type of questions will tell me if a person is self motivated?

  6. What is the value, if any, of questions like; "If you were an animal in the zoo, what animal would you be?

  7. I am currently conducting a seminar on interviewing/recruiting.  I need some examples of probing thoughtfully and any other suggestions on that topic.


  1. How do you stop an applicant from giving run-on, rambling answers that don't answer the question?

  2. How can I tell if a applicant is lying in the job interview?

  3. We have  high turnover due to high level of "nasty" customers we have to handle.  What type of questions would be good in determining what candidates are good at handling these people?

  4. What non-verbal signs do you look for while interviewing?

  5. You recommend in your book (High Impact Hiring) informing the candidate they can look at the notes after the interview.  I was wondering if you could just give me a few pointers on what notes to take?


  1. What questions are you allowed to ask the candidates' references as well as what information references are allowed to give?

  2. How do I tell an applicant that they didn't get the job?


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