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What Makes A Great Manager?
Supervision tips and free resources.  Answers to supervision and management situations.

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Human Resource Professional
 Interview Questions and Answers

You have the experience and skills for a job as a Human Resource (HR) Professional.  Prepare for your interview and get the edge with the HR Professional Interview Guide Answer interview questions naturally without sounding rehearsed, calm your nerves, and build confidence for the interview.

  • Learn how to practice right for the interview.

  • I wish, I think, I feel.  Good or bad start to an interview answer.

  • How can hand gestures improve your interview performance?

  • Why are mock interviews important?  Why one mock interview isn't enough?

  • Why you shouldn't use words such as "only" or "just"?


  • Answers to the toughest interview situations - follow-up letters, illegal questions, salary, job history questions and more!

  • How to answer and how not to answer

  • Questions to ask the interviewers

  • What should you do the day of the interview?

  • Identify possible interview questions

Matt & Nan DeLuca, authors of "More Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions", "24 Hours to the Perfect Interview", "Perfect Phrases for Negotiating Salary and Job Offers", and the latest edition of the best selling "Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions", answer the toughest interview questions for the HR Professional interview (edit by Steven Harvey).

Tell us about a situation where you had to coach a supervisor through a difficult personnel-related situation.

Describe a situation that shows strength of resolve but also compassion.

One of the executive members of management had recent performance problems with his executive assistant who had been with him for seven years. He dreaded confronting her due to prior experiences when she would burst into tears at the least provocation. I worked with him . . .

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