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Information Technology




Programming problems, logic puzzles and current technology

Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption

  1. What are the essential elements of a business resumption plan?
  2. How is a disaster recovery/business resumption plan developed?
  3. What is the purpose of a disaster recovery/business resumption plan?
  4. What steps would you take to insure that a disaster recovery/business resumption plan is tied to business requirements?


  1. Within the business environment, what are the operations areas that may be leveraged with e-commerce?
  2. Tell us about your experience with electronic commerce.
  3. What are some of the pitfalls when an e-commerce strategy is poorly executed?
  4. Name five characteristics of successful e-commerce sites.

Help Desk

  1. What experience have you had in help desk operations?
  2. What skills will you look for in staffing a help desk operation?
  3. What items of information would you request from a user to effectively address a technical problem?


  1. What is the Internet?
  2. Tell us about your experience in developing or maintaining an Internet site.
  3. In what ways can the Internet help public service agencies improve service to the public?
  4. The City has implemented an Internet site. Name some of the means by which an Internet site may be used to improve communication with the citizens and encourage community involvement.
  5. What are the factors to consider in establishing a Web presence?
  6. Why are a number of applications advocating the use of "thin clients"?


  1. What is an Intranet?
    Complete Intranet Resource features articles, case studies, white papers and more for establishing and operating an intranet.
  2. What are the benefits of an Intranet?
  3. Name five benefits of a company Intranet.
    Common interface, supports a corporate culture of shared knowledge, and standardization of support on the server side are three benefits.


  1. What experience do you have with mainframe computers?
  2. Tell us about your work as it relates to the operation of a data center.
  3. What opportunities are available to leverage an organization's investment in mainframes with its network investment?


  1. Tell us about your experience in network administration
  2. Explain to us what local area networks and wide area networks are, and how, if at all, are they related.
  3. What experience do you have in implementing and supporting e-mail applications?
  4. What is the difference between e-mail and groupware?
  5. Our department has already installed an e-mail application. What steps would you recommend for us to leverage our e-mail system?
  6. What is a router?
  7. Define bandwidth.
    The amount of data that can be transferred over a network in a specified period of time.  Typically, bandwidth is expressed as bits per second.
  8. What are the steps that you can take to develop a security policy for your company network?
    Include determine responsibility, address remote access, communicate a usage policy, and develop a plan to address violations.

Personal Computers

  1. What experience do you have with personal computers?
    Talk about the programs/applications that you've worked on and what you've done.   Highlight important or complex assignments that you've completed.
  2. In what ways have you used personal computers in your work?
  3. What are the benefits of using personal computers?
  4. Given current advancements in technology, how can our company effectively manage our investment in personal computers?


  1. What has been your experience in developing applications?
  2. What has been your experience in developing multimedia applications?
  3. You have been asked to develop an application for the public to obtain general information about the state government. The application will run in kiosks in state buildings. To facilitate public use, what features might you include in your application?
  4. Tell us about a difficult or complex programming assignment you've had.  What steps did you take and how successful were you?
  5. What is the system development life cycle?
  6. What is rapid application development?
  7. Tell us about your experience in migrating from one application to another. What steps did you take to maintain user satisfaction during the migration?
  8. What techniques and tools can you use to insure that a new application is as user friendly as possible?
  9. What actions can you take to insure that user requirements are appropriately addressed in the implementation of a new application?


  1. What are the physical and electronic security considerations in supporting the information technology requirements of an organization?
  2. What are the various tools and measures that can be implemented to secure data?


  1. You have been asked to justify the purchase of a new automated system. What considerations will you include?
  2. You have been asked to evaluate a new automated system. What steps will you take?
  3. How would you compare the use of a mainframe system versus a personal computer system?
  4. What experience do you have with using management information systems?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a client-server application versus a mainframe-based application?
  6. What is workflow?
  7. How can document management be used to improve the flow of information in an organization?

Systems Analysis

  1. What are some of the reasons for automating a process or procedure?
  2. You have been given the assignment to track contracts. Which office productivity program will you use? (word processing, database, spreadsheet)
  3. Your assignment is to automate a clerical process. What steps will you take in carrying out your assignment?
  4. How would you go about determining the user requirements for a new information system?
  5. To what extent have you developed user documentation in your present job?
  6. In which situations, might an optical imaging application be effective?
  7. Under which circumstances would an organization consider migrating from an older version of software to the new version?
  8. What are the benefits of establishing hardware and software standards?
  9. Name some methods for maintaining an accurate hardware and software inventory.



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