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What Makes A Great Manager?
Supervision tips and free resources.  A good resource for answers to management and supervision situational questions.


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  1. What are the elements of a successful safety program?
  2. You’ve been given the assignment of evaluating a safety program. How will you go about your evaluation?
  3. What are the components of an injury and illness prevention program?
  4. How would you implement a safety program?
  5. Name some typical causes of accidents in the office.
  6. Name some typical causes of accidents in a shop environment.
  7. What experience have you had in responding to OSHA complaints?
  8. What is the purpose of the OSHA log (Form 200)?
  9. How would you go about investigating an accident?
  10. What steps can you take to reduce the number of accidents in an organization?
  11. What actions can you take to communicate and reinforce safe work practices for field employees?



  1. Describe what you feel are the most pressing issues facing government environmental laboratories today and how you, as the incumbent of this position, would address them? Louis


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