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What Makes A Great Manager?
Supervision tips and free resources.  Answers to supervision and management situations.

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Subordinate Supervisor Situations

Listed below are a few of the possible interview questions related to subordinate supervisor situations that you may be asked in the interview.  Review each interview question below to prepare yourself for the interview.

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:

Mock job interviews


You have the experience and skills to be the winning candidate.  Make a perfect presentation with our easy to follow interview guides Answer questions naturally without sounding rehearsed and be confident for your interview:

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  • Supervision Interview Guide
    Exclusive Supervision Interview Guide with over 200 possible supervision interview questions covering experience, knowledge, supervisory situations and managing subordinate supervisors.  Plus answers to the toughest supervision interview questions.  Includes FREE BONUS - Interview Question Bank of over 400 possible skills

Job Interview Questions

Notice how small changes in the interview questions will change your answer.  Possible follow-up questions are noted with a bullet.  Use our mock interviews based on actual job listings and interviews for more interview practice:  

  1. As a manager with a number of subordinate supervisors, one of the employees consistently bypasses your subordinate supervisor and brings issues and problems directly to you. What action, if any, will you take?

  2. You’ve just appointed a new supervisor for your best section. The section has nearly perfect attendance and consistently produces the most work with the fewest mistakes. The supervisor states that work takes priority and that only essential conversations should take place. What will you do?

  3. A subordinate supervisor directs an employee to correct a potentially unsafe action. The employee refuses. What is your direction to the supervisor?

  4. One of your subordinate supervisors without talking to you has taken a personnel issue to your supervisor. What will you do?

  5. You've been told by a number of staff that one of your subordinate supervisors is documenting everything that you do.  What actions, if any, will you take?

  6. You've initiated a major change in policy in your organization. One of your subordinate supervisors is resisting the change to the point where their resistance may influence other employees. What actions, if any, will you take?

More possible interview questions along with possible follow-up interview questions for  interview key words are available in our supervision interview guides.

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